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Present your promotional confectionery in a more interesting way with our custom lolly pull cans. These branded filled sweets pull cans are great for packaging and storing your candies and can be easily branded with your company design.

You can have your design at the sides of the can and wow your recipients at your next big promotion. Design a customised message for your clients as way to say thanks and give them away at your upcoming staff recognition day. You can also simply put your company logo and details and give them away at the next trade show to introduce your company.

The custom confectionery pull cans are tightly sealed so you can be sure that freshness of your confectionery is well preserved. The lid can easily be pulled off, just like with your favorite can of soda. It also comes with a resealable lid so you can still cover and secure your goodies inside all the time.

Gift these chocolate filled pull cans and know they also have good longevity so you can keep using them for a very long time. They are also very easy and convenient to store. You can keep them on your shelf side by side other stuff and they would fit perfectly well. You can also stack them with other promotional pull cans and they should easily be stowed altogether.

They’re great for choc beans and even Mentos. Check out the branded Choc Beans in Pull Can and the custom Mentos in Pull Can to see some examples of how you can use these to giveaway delicious sweet gifts. Another cool example you should check out is the scrumptious promotional Snakes in Pull Can.

You can reach out to us if you want to discuss your needs and requirements further. We can make arrangements that will be tailored to fit your special needs. Just call us at 1300 008 300, or give us a buzz and we can go for live chat.