For several people, eating sweets at team catch up events has become a final touch to every satisfying and productive meeting or convention. It’s become a cherry on top so to speak. And one cannot be denied of that hankering for sweets. We at Fast Confectionery love our customers and we also love our treats. And we have a showcase for you of snacks you can add as a cherry on top of your wonderful event, custom Bite Sized Treats.

Despite its moniker, our branded Bite Sized Treats are nothing to scoff at, for it is in these small snacks that nutrients, fibre and satisfaction are packed. And when we say showcase, we mean it. We are in abundance of snacks to choose from all freshly made with love and care.

Custom Bite Sized Treats plus so much more

Take for example our personalised Chocolate Oat Bite Sized Treat. Imagine the savoury taste combination of oats, coconut, chocolate and Aussie sultanas with just a bite. Not only will it tickle your palette but will also keep you healthy.

Another that might make your mouth water is our custom Apricot Almond Bite Sized Treat. Munching on this mixture of succulent fruits and nuts, bursts of apricot and a hint of vanilla will definitely work magic at the team meetup.

Furthermore, these promotional Bite Sized Treats are delectable and healthy. They are also fully customisable so the sky’s the limit. Design them with stickers that are bright and colourful. Your company logo will be all over these snacks that everyone will sure love to get their hands on. It’s a wise investment and a clever marketing tool.

Lastly, need more ideas on which promotional healthy snack combos might work best? Our Customer Happiness Team on 1300 008 300 are willing to lay out our showcase of treats all ready to be delivered. Or better yet, hit the link below and chat with one of our snack experts. They’ll know what’s best. Cheers!