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Ah, the all-time famous fortune cookie. While it may not be the type of food a person craves once in a while, there is that level of anticipation when we break fortune cookies open to reveal our fortune, no matter how random they are. It’s always fun to receive these so-called fortunes, right? Now imagine giving your customers that kind of anticipation and fun with personalised fortune cookies. This makes an interesting and unique promotional gift for your clients, which will leave them fascinated by your brand. It really is a great marketing product!

Here’s a tiny amount of trivia on fortune cookies. A Chinese meal almost always ends with a fortune cookie, so it has always been thought that they originated in China. But, no. Some evidences point that these are from a Japanese recipe of fortune crackers (tsujiura senbei), which were sold near temples in Japan.

In fact, believe it or not, they are basically non-existent in China! It was in America where this much loved snack rose to popularity and ironically, served in almost all Chinese restaurants there. To sum it up, the story of fortune cookies are when Japan meets America meets China. Mind blown!

Here at Fast Confectionery, we have made personalised fortune cookies more interesting. You can have branded fortune cookies where you brand is in the cookie itself, choc dipped sprinkle fortune cookies, or custom fortune cookies. Whatever you choose, there will always be a personalised message from you inside the cookie, including a branded, full-colour sticker of your logo or brand on the outer packaging. These make a great giveaway all year round at conferences, tradeshows, seminars, meetings, and all other events.

With these delicious corporate snacks, everyone will get excited to break the cookies to reveal the message. Get your brain juices flowing and win your customers with your unique message inside a novel gift. Order online or simply call 1300 008 300 to get your orders processed.