Looking for custom promotional Popcorn? Popcorn is always the perfect companion when watching movies or television. Think outside the box and give your customers something out of the ordinary by handing out promotional popcorn as your giveaway. This savoury corporate treat will be perfect to munch while listening in seminars, conferences, and the like. Popcorn is fun to eat, delicious, and will surely be loved by many.

Because a bucket of this mouth-watering promotional snack food is always a movie-goer’s partner, many jump to the conclusion that it’s another unhealthy junk food. Think again! Popcorn is actually healthy. It’s high in fiber, low in fat, and does not contain salt or sugar. Some even say that it’s healthier than fruits!

Now, doesn’t this just make you want to binge on this super snack without feeling guilty afterwards? Spread the joy of eating popcorn by making this a promotional gift to all your health-conscious customers. Trust us, it will be well-received by your event attendees.

Custom Promotional Popcorn plus so much more

Here at Fast Confectionery, we’ve added a twist to your all-time favourite popcorn. All of our corn are placed in clear cello bags with a fully-customisable, full-colour sticker of your brand, logo or promotional message. Choose from a personalised buttered popcorn 50 gram bag, a 30 gram bag or the customised sweet caramel popcorn 30 gram bag or a smaller 15 gram bag. These will surely tickle the taste buds of your customers. If you want to give them something that they can take home or consume for later, we also have other delicious personalised snack giveaways on our website to browse. Once they get home after the event, your brand will be seen and recalled as they consume the goods. That’s great advertising!

Place your order now so we can get those corn kernels popping. As long as you’re in Australia, we will deliver these custom promotional snacks to your doorstep. So go ahead, call us on 1300 008 300.