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Best Choices for Promotional Snacks

What are the Best Choices for Promotional Snacks?

Promotional candy is perfect for giveaways to clients for events such as trade shows, expos, and conferences. At Fast Confectionery, there are various kinds of tasty and sweet Promotional Snacks that you can choose from.

We will share with you our preferred treats that you can use for your brand promotion.

Promotional Snacks

Here are some Promotional Snack Options:

Promotional Savoury Snacks

Before, salted peanuts were the only snacks you can get when you attend a convention or conference. However, there are many more branded snack types available that are perfect for businesses, community groups and schools. We suggest you try savoury popcorn snacks for your advertising by adding your logo to a full colour printed label. You can choose from buttered or caramelised popcorn and so much more. Your customers can enjoy your delicious popcorn snacks, just like at a movie theatre. In addition, we have other fantastic savoury goodies such as protein balls, rice crackers and fortune cookies. You can still offer treats to customers while still being relatively healthy.

Promotional Snack Popcorn

Best-Selling Jelly Beans

Aside from the rising popularity of the savoury snacks, we also recommend using promotional jelly beans. Our Fast Confectionery team can help you with the custom branding for these promotional jelly bean snacks. You can choose your preferred packing whether in re-usable glass jars, recyclable cardboard or compact plastic bags. We can even offer to have your jelly bean colour mix customised to your corporate colours. Are your logo colours blue and white? We can have a blue and white mix only placed into your selected packaging type. Jelly Beans are the most popular, best tasting and colourful promotional treats.

Promotional Snack Jelly Beans

Promotional Chocolate Snacks

Chocolates are definitely in our top 3 most popular promotional snacks. Customised chocolates add a splash of colour and appeal to most events or occasions. We offer a variety of chocolates that will suit your brand, products and services. At Fast Confectionery, you can have your sweet treats decorated or customised with your logo and branding.

Promotional Snack Chocolates

Bottom Line

Whether you choose chocolates, jelly beans or savoury, select a promotional snack that fits your business. We offer a wide range of different snacks and you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Lastly, if you have an event or launch party coming and need some printed balloons, we can help with that too. Take a look at our branded balloons available in a huge range of colours with up to 4 colour printing. Call us on 1300 008 300 if you need help with a custom quote.