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Be Sweet At Your Next Event With Bulk Lollies

Are you organising an upcoming party or an event? Are you wondering what you can do to help your event stand out and add some flare? We highly recommend adding bulk lollies to your upcoming event or celebration. Firstly, they are a perfect addition to any type of event. Secondly, adding a lolly buffet or personalised lolly bags brings an additional pop of colour and sweetness. You just need to know what type of bulk lollies are suitable for your event.

Our bulk lollies have been the star of many parties and events. We have helped many event organisers by wowing their crowd. So, let us share with you the common ways of how we do it.

Event Bulk Lollies

Bulk Lollies For Your Upcoming Event or Party

Whatever type of party you’re having, you can elevate it by having personalised lolly bags or a full-pledged lolly buffet. Therefore, no one will miss this simple and sweet addition to your event.

You also have an array of choices on what you can add and use for your bulk lollies. It depends on what you like and the theme of your event. So, if you want to level-up your party game don’t hesitate to add them to your list.

Event Types for Bulk Lollies

Wedding Lollies

A wedding is a special celebration where two people who are lovers become united in marriage. Isn’t that sweet? So, why not make it even sweeter by adding lollies to your wedding. 

Whatever your wedding theme is, having your lolly buffet or a bag of thank you lollies is a must. It is a great choice and it fits various kinds of wedding themes. So, with our huge collection of bulk lollies, you’ll find the perfect lolly that matches your wedding theme or event.

Wedding Chocolates

Birthday Party Lollies

If you are organising a children’s party or event, there’s no better way to cheer them up than by giving out lollies. Furthermore, birthdays and bulk lollies are a traditional pair and kids love them so much. Not only can you include them in your party food, you can even put a personalised message onto lolly bags or buckets.

Lollies are the best way to elevate any children’s party. Whatever type of sweets you choose, they are a sure hit! Remember to select lollies that suit your party theme. From the colour, design, the overall vibe it must be a great match.

Birthday Party

Bulk Lollies for your Baby Shower Event

Congratulations, you are having a baby! There’s no better way to celebrate this special event that with lollies. You can opt for any type of lollies that perfectly fits your baby show event. Moreover, you could use bulk lollies for your baby’s gender reveal. Some of our suggestions for your Baby Shower are:

Special Holiday Events

Lollies are perfect for any special event. You can use lollies for holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve. However, there are many other events where you can use your bulk lollies such as:

  • Halloween – given parents don’t like their kids taking lollies that are not sealed, use our lolly bags to hand out when trick or treating.
  • Mother’s Day – add a personalised message to bag, jar or box of lollies for the Mum’s at your Mother’s Day event.
  • Valentine’s Day – Heart shaped packaging such as our acrylic hearts are perfect for this event. Pair this with our printed Foil Heart Shaped Balloons for a real winner!

Purchase your Bulk Lollies for your Event Online

Fast Confectionery offers the convenience of online quoting and online orders. However, we are more than happy to take enquiries and orders over the phone also.

Additionally, we offer nationwide delivery and have customisation available for our customers who would like to include branding on their bulk lollies. All of this for a great price that fits any budget. If you need your’s urgently, just give us a call on 1300 008 300 and we will do our best to help!