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Top 5 Ideas for Promotional Confectionery in 2020

Giving Promotional Candy or Confectionery as a gift is perfect for every sweet tooth out there. So, add your personal touch to it and get your confectionery customised with your company brand, logo or special message. Promotional Confectionery perfect for any event including launch parties, trade shows, birthday parties, weddings, or any other personal or corporate event. Personalised candy can be an unforgettable, special and amusing gift.

Brands and companies are continuously coming up with unique gift ideas that suit various demographics. Here are some of our picks that you can try for your next promotion.

Promotional Confectionery

Top Picks for Promotional Confectionery:

Lollipops for Promotional Confectionery

Your brand or message can be added on the wrapper or the stick of your custom lollipops. Lollipops make it a successful and strong advertising medium. They are perfect for giveaways for any event. Additionally, they are available in many flavours, shapes, and sizes. We have a wide collection that ranges from flavoured to coloured lollipops, etc.

You can choose from a variety of kinds that fits your brand. These branded lollipops are an exciting, compact and cost-efficient tool to promote your business, product, or service. Aside from brand promotions, they also work for baby showers, birthday parties, and many more. 

If you have a limited budget, these personalised suckers are a great choice for giveaways. This Promotional Confectionery is a successful advertising tool that will increase brand awareness. You can creatively give these suckers to anyone. So, fill a basket full of colourful lollipops or wrap them together to create shapes. 

Chocolate Bars & Gift Boxes

Giving a chocolate gift box as a gift can be extra special. Firstly, add your special touch by choosing your preferred flavour. Secondly, you can even add your logo or text directly onto the chocolate. Lastly, choose a box of chocolates with a wide variety of milk, white, and dark chocolates to satisfy everyone. 

Custom chocolate bars make everyone happy and can even pacify the hormones of teens. To showcase your brand hand out custom-made chocolate bars with your brand’s logo or message on the wrapper. Again, you can choose from milk, white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Bars & Gift Boxes are a quality gift or give away. However, just keep in mind that it may not be an ideal choice in warmer weather.

Promotional Confectionery - Chocolate

Jelly Beans as Promotional Confectionery

Promotional Jelly Beans are our most popular Promotional Confectionery. They are available in various flavours and make great promotional candy. They are the perfect choice for corporate giveaways at conferences, trade shows and launch parties. So, hand Jelly Beans out with your brand or logo printed on them.

Choose from corporate colour mixes to jelly belly jelly beans with your branding or logo on them. In addition, they are available in many different packaging options to suit your audience and budget such as:

 Moreover, you can select your preferred size and print your message to make them more attractive. Choosing Jelly Beans as your next Promotional Confectionery product will be great as a giveaways when you have upcoming events.

Promotional Confectionery - Jelly Beans


Corporate Mints are perfect for everyone at your next event. This Promotional Confectionery will keep everyone’s breath fresh when interacting with all kinds of people. So, these are perfect giveaways to promote your businesses. Especially for resorts and restaurant owners. 

You can easily boost your company’s marketing efforts by investing in mint candies. Choose individually wrapped mints, custom printed mint tins, and other promotional mint rolls as giveaways and marketing tools. In addition, go for full-colour printing to have your message printed on the packages and mint tins.

Mints are popularly used in product & business launches, large-scale events, and marketing expos. They are an inexpensive promotional confectionery that cheers up participants of trade shows and conferences. 

Hard Candy

When you are searching for the sweetest promotional candy, hard candies cannot be resisted. Many people prefer using hard candy to market their brand. Hard Candy covers products such as boiled lollies, rock candy and humbugs.

Hard candy is the best option if your target market is retirees. Confectionery such as boiled lollies have been around for decades and much loved by older generations. Have the packaging printed and this will be a great addition to your marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can also choose the colours and flavours of most of our hard candy.

Promotional Confectionery and Your Target Audience

Whatever your promotional campaign is, promotional confectionery will become the best giveaway you have tried. If you’re searching for a variety of candies to choose from we have a lot to offer. However, just make sure your choice will fit your target audience.

You can choose from mints, jelly beans, lollipops, chocolates, and much more. Depending on your budget and need, you can get the perfect sweets for your upcoming event. Promotional Confectionery will help you persuade your potential clients and communicate your company’s message out there.

Lastly, you many not know this but we can also help you with Event Apparel such as printed T-shirts and Singlets. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness Team, they are waiting for your call!