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The Ultimate Guide To Promotional Jelly Beans in Australia

Jelly beans are one of the most popular candies in the world and are loved by both adults and children. Many people carry these sweet candies with them even at work, it keeps them energised throughout the day. This is why jelly beans are perfect as giveaways for your promotional events, business expos, or school events. These candies are a perfect give away for customers because of the delicious variety in flavours and colours. 

Promotional Jelly Beans blog

What is a Jelly Bean?

Jelly beans are small candies that have a firm outer layer and an inner layer that are jelly-like and thick. The difference of jelly beans compared to other candies are the number of flavours and colours there are. Jelly beans also don’t get distorted or melt easily, making them perfect as corporate gifts. Here at Fast Confectionery, we personalise your promotional jelly beans by adding your brand’s logo on its packaging. We love to finesse them and make them ready for your next promotional event or marketing campaign.

In this blog, we will help you learn more about promotional jelly beans here in Australia. We have included the basics you need to know to make sure that your promotional jelly beans will be a success.

 Why Corporate Jelly Beans?

Jelly beans are a perfect choice for events because they are very portable and are not easily affected by cold or heat. If you drop a pack of jelly beans they don’t break easily. They are lightweight compared to other candies which makes them the perfect little treat. Unlike other promotional candies, there is very little deterioration in the taste of corporate jelly beans over time. Jelly beans are also loved by all age groups from children to adults. 

Branding for Promotional Jelly Beans

Because of there size, jelly beans cannot be individually branded. However, we offer corporate jelly beans in various packaging styles that highlight your brand’s logo. We have jelly beans in customised PVC gift boxes, noodle boxes, acrylic cases, cellophane bags, canisters, and many more. You can get them in assorted colours or create your own mix. Mix and match your brand’s colours or just use a single colour.

Available Flavours and Colours

Our promotional jelly beans are created by using premium ingredients. They are available in various flavors and colours. Talk to us about mixing the colours in each package for an extra branding opportunity.

  • Orange (oranges)
  • Pink (watermelon)
  • Blue (blueberry)
  • Red (strawberry)
  • Yellow (pineapple)
  • Black (blackcurrent)
  • White (tutti frutti)
  • Green (apple)

Shelf Life

Jelly beans are candies with a firm shell that allows you to keep them longer compared to the others. Fast Confectionery’s range of promotional jelly beans can last for 12-18 months when properly stored. 

We suggest that you keep them away from direct sunlight to preserve their shelf life. Jelly beans can melt or become soft when exposed to too much heat or sunlight. We recommend that you store your promotional jelly beans below or at room temperature for the best results. 

Customised Corporate Jelly Beans Made Safe for Consumption

Make your promotional jelly beans more successful by purchasing them from Fast Confectionery. We make sure that your promotional jelly beans feature your brand’s graphics or logos. The recipients will always have your brand on top of their minds every time they eat a jelly bean. 

You will find the nutritional content for each product on the side of its packaging. This label cannot be removed for legal reasons and is your assurance that the product you distribute to your customers is not only tasty but they are safe to eat and are made from premium ingredients.

Package your corporate Jelly Beans with a printed brochure to advertise your business or product and encourage the recipients to learn more about you. Call us on 1300 008 300 to learn more or get a custom quote.