Need custom jelly beans? Who doesn’t love the sweet, glossy outer shell and gooey insides? It’s a world-famous lolly and that’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone who receives free customised sweets. It’s a perfect giveaway for fairs, trade shows, conferences, and all other events. With your brand on the packaging, this marketing item will surely be well-received and most importantly, well-loved by everyone.

Moreover, here are some fun facts about jelly beans. Although birthed in the USA, some historians believe that it hails from a Turkish delight.  In the US alone, 16 million pieces are manufactured just for Easter. If placed in a string and laid end to end, it can circle the earth more than 3 times! Add all jelly beans across the world and it may just circle the entire solar system! Yes, these lollies are that popular.

Custom Jelly Beans plus so much more

This custom confectionery is available in two sizes – standard and mini. You can order decorated jelly beans in bulk or you can get these in smaller quantities. They are packaged in a variety of jars, plastic or glass; clear, frosted, or branded coloured noodle boxes; acrylic containers in different shapes; test tubes, bottles, or even a custom clear dispenser with a scoop. Be sure to browse around for the best container for your promotional jelly beans as these can be a representation of your brand.

Additionally, there are 9 different colours/flavours available. You can mix and match the colours or just use a single colour.

Similarly, here’s a marketing tip. Choose your corporate colours to further establish your brand and to have the best jelly beans giveaway.

Whatever colour and packaging you choose, all containers will bear your company logo or any design you prefer. Simply send us the file of your design and we will take care of the rest.

Talk to one of our sweet tooth experts today and we’ll help you customise your jelly bean giveaway for maximum marketing impact. The number to call is 1300 008 300.