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Chocolate Cigar



Celebrate that next big client with the promotional Chocolate Cigar giveaway.

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One of the things that are always part of celebrations are cigars. They’re usually opened during special occasions and smoked in merrymaking. But not everyone smokes, and for those who don’t, but would still like to partake in this celebratory gesture, we offer to you our promotional Chocolate Cigar. These are perfect for celebrating events while you make your advertisement and increase your brand awareness.

The custom Chocolate Cigar packs 22 grams of milk chocolate underneath it’s faux paper wrappings. Its size is 140mm in width and 20mm in height, just like your typical cigar. Unwrap the paper to reveal what’s inside. It may not be real cigars, but we guarantee you’ll get hooked. Careful not to get addicted though, as these Chocolate Cigars are tremendously delicious. You don’t have to light this one, but they’ll sure make your day a lot brighter with their rich milk chocolate taste and chewy consistency.

Just place your logo on a tag that’s included and the personalised Chocolate Cigar is a great gift to top performers of your department. Or perhaps you’d like to acknowledge some VIPs who has been instrumental in your business’ success, the Chocolate Cigar would be a great reward.

If you want to go the high end route, we also have in our catalogue a good selection of Lindt Chocolates.  We have our Lindor Balls that come with buckets just like the Lindor Balls Big Bucket. These Lindor balls come in a variety of fun colours.

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Product sizes & details

Size: 140mm(w) x 20mm(h)

Weight: 20g

Packaging & Colours

Milk Chocolate

Faux Wrapper

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

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