Lindor Balls 4 Pack Cello Bag

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Impress everyone with four Lindt Lindor chocolate balls in a cellophane bag. Give out the Lindor Balls 4 Pack Cello Bag.

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x4 Lindt Lindor Balls in Cello Bag

Approx 12g each

Wrapper Colours : Variety of Wrappers available РMost popular is mixed Colours/ Flavours


130mmW x 95mmH


Full Colour Sticker

Sticker Sizes:

50mmW x 40mmH or

50mmW x 30mmH or

38mm Round or

45mm Round or

33mm Square or

50mm Square or

60mmW x 40mmH Oval


Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Increase the impact of your next promotion with this great marketing product. The promotional Lindor Balls 4 Pack Cello Bag is sure to give your company a new following and create brand awareness even in an already saturated market. They also make great gifts to your staff and suppliers for the holidays and other special occasions.

What makes the customised Lindor Balls 4 Pack Cello Bag special is that inside the bags are four 48 gram delicious Lindt Chocolates balls. Any chocolate aficionado would tell you, when it comes to chocolates, Lindt has always been at the top of its game for ages. Each colour has its own flavour: Red РMilk Chocolate, Blue РDark Chocolate, White РWhite Chocolate, and Black Р60% Dark Chocolate. You can mix them all up according to your preference, whether you’d like to make a combination according to colour or flavour, or just go for one type per bag.

For maximum impact, send us a custom design or your company logo and we’ll have it printed on our sticker tag. The sticker tag is 50mm (w) x 40mm (h) and can be placed directly onto the bag. It’s a full colour sticker so feel free to be creative with your design.

If you want to be a little more creative with your gift products, you should definitely go for our Custom Shaped Large Chocolate. These chocolates can be molded according to how you like them. Or you can also go for chocolate truffles like the custom Belgian Truffle 4 Pack.

You can drop us a message through our live chat app on this website if in case you want to speak with any member of our sales team. Or if you prefer voice calls, simply dial our hotline number, 1300 008 300. We’d be glad to assist you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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