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Important Tips for Using Promotional Lollies

Promotional Lollies and our Tips

As business events are continuously on the rise, creating a memorable brand image becomes more important. You need to create unique promotional items that create a sweet and long-lasting impression. Promotional Lollies can be your go-to advertising item if you fail with traditional marketing.

Have you been wondering why promotional lollies are so effective? They are a simple, unique, and sweet way to expose your brand. You can add your brand’s tagline, contact information, and logo on a printed label for lollipops, candy bars, chocolates, mints and so much more. 

However, there are some points you need to consider when using promotional lollies. 

Promotional Lollies

Consider these tips for your Promotional Lollies

Branded Chocolates

As great as chocolate is, the biggest downfall is that it melts. From the moment it is delivered you need to keep it at a low temperature away from sunlight to protect the quality of the product. If you don’t, it can taste and look unappealing. Additionally, if you are using chocolate during a spring or summer event when the temperature increases, it will melt very quickly. Even if you place it in a relatively cool or shaded environment it is still risky.

Chocolate M&Ms

Chocolate M&Ms are very popular, and very tasty. However, they can be fragile compared to promotional lollies. If they are not handled correctly or have to be shipped a long way they can become damaged. The shells are soft and can be broken with a lot of movement. Additionally, they will also melt in warmer conditions. If your event will be in cooler weather and they are handled carefully then they could still be a good choice.

Promotional Lollies - MMs

Promotional Jelly Beans

Promotional Jelly Beans are classic lollies that many people love. If you are unsure of what candy to choose, Jelly Beans will be a winner. With a choice of mixed colours or your corporate colours they are perfect for extra customisation. Maybe there is a particular colour you DON’T want, we can do that too!

Jelly Beans

Promotional Lollipops

If your event is still months away, personalised Promotional Lollipops are a better choice compared to other Promotional Lollies. Their shelf life is longer than other products and they are also very budget friendly. Remember, green lollipops make your tongue green, and blue lollipops make them blue. So, if you are using lollipops for a formal event, keep this in mind.

Corporate Promotional Mints

There are many types of promotional mints available. We have chewy mints, hard mints and even custom printed mints. Mints are an extremely popular choice for conferences. When working in close contact with other attendees, people like to freshen their breath. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about melting chocolates or fragile lollies.  

Promotional Lollies - Mints

A Final Word on Promotional Lollies

Furthermore, if there are any Promotional Lollies you would like samples of we can help! Just let us know what you would like and we can pop some in the post for you. This will be sure to help you decide which Promotional Confectionery to use. We hope that some of these pointers were able to guide you in choosing the best promotional candy for your brand. 

Whether you’re advertising your business or your brand’s products and services, our Customer Happiness Team will help you. Our promotional candies and treats will help you make a sweet and lasting impression on your customers. Additionally, we can help you with anything else Promotional that you may need for your upcoming conference such as lanyards. Call us on 1300 008 300 for a custom quote.