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Let our printed chocolate Bonbons elevate your next promotion and give your brand a lasting impact on your clients. Everybody loves these little balls of delight, and with our branded chocolate Bonbons on your next event, you’ll certainly have everyone talking about you.

These custom chocolate Bonbons are the perfect marketing product for any season, whether it’s the holidays, or just about any other event that you want to celebrate. Our personalized Bonbons come with three individually wrapped foils in three colours – red, silver, and gold. Let the Bonbons do the talking for your company by sticking your custom logo or design on them. If you want to take it a step further, we can add a hot foil stamp on the finish which is always a big winner.

We’re pretty sure you can already imagine what they look like, now allow us to tell you that they really do taste even better. The name Bonbon actually comes from the French word “Bon”, which means good, and it’s no coincidence that this product is named that way as it does assert its “goodness” more than once. A delight for both the eyes and the taste, now that’s definitely twice the treat!

We guarantee total satisfaction as you’ll definitely be getting a very effective promotional product at a very reasonable price. While you’re on our website, also do check out our other products in our catalogue. Do have a look at our Personalised Chocolate Bars which are also great marketing ideas. We also have branded M&M’s and Chocolate Lollipops that might entice you.

Anytime you have questions or would like to know more about our promotional Bonbons, feel free to get in touch with us. Our customer service representatives can be reached through our website’s live chat feature, or you can call us by dialing 1300 008 300. We’re excited to hear from you and make you a highly successful promotion.