Looking for custom promotional chocolate freckles? If you want a delicious way to promote your company, then we have the perfect product for you. Introducing our promotional Chocolate Freckles. These custom Chocolate Freckles are guaranteed to be very tasty treats. They have every bit of the chocolaty goodness we’ve all grown to love, and to top it off, we’ve covered a side of them in freckles which makes it so much more exciting.

Furthermore, once you take a bite into these promotional chocolate freckles, you’ll immediately be wowed! Find the taste of chocolate fill every corner of your mouth. Meanwhile, the candy freckles complement the chocolate’s creaminess with their crunchy sweetness. It’s just so good, eating these custom chocolate freckles can actually be habit forming.

Additionally, imagine your brand design embossed in these gastronomic delights? It’s definitely going to leave a lasting impression when they see your logo right before they take a good bite. Another way you can place your logo is on the heat sealed bags they come with. It’s your call to be as creative as you can be with your design since we’ve got the rest covered.

Yup, Custom Chocolate Freckles, plus so much more

You should check out the promotional Large Custom Moulded Chocolate Freckle which is one of our best sellers. If you want to go to the extreme, we also have the advertising Giant Chocolate Freckle. Every product we offer comes with our guarantee of uncompromised quality.

What’s more, we keep them at very affordable rates so you can stay right on track with your budgeting plan. With the custom chocolate giveaways on your next promotion, you’re definitely going to gain some good marketing leverage.

Add a dash of colour to your gifts with our promotional chocolate. These treats come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for all occasions.

If you need to speak to us, we have our chocolate gobbling Customer Happiness Team on standby ready to help you out. Simply dial 1300 008 300 and we can talk. Or you can make use of our website’s nifty live chat feature. Just give us a buzz and we’ll attend to you the soonest.