Looking for custom mixed lollies? These candy confectioneries can be customised to accommodate any design of your choice like your company logo or corporate emblems. What’s more is that they’re deliciously tasty and will surely be a hit.

We have a wide range of confectionery packaging options for our mixed lollies. You can choose from pillow packs, canisters, and even noodle boxes. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the promotional Mixed Lollies are sure to be a delight all year round, for every season.

You can gift these mouth-watering lollies on your holiday promotions like Christmas, Easter, or Valentines. Just customise a design to fit for the season and they’re ready to be handed out.

Also, if you’re planning to take the branded lollies to trade fairs, simply put your logo and some contact details on the label artwork too. That way you’ll be able to make a much more memorable introduction and good first impression to potential clients.

These delicious lollies also make good gifts to your staff during company events. You can use them as your giveaway during parties like company anniversaries, or when someone in your team would have their work anniversary or special birthday. These corporate Lollies would make a great confectionery souvenir from your event, something that they can take home to their families for them to munch on.

Custom Mixed Lollies plus so much more

Take a look at some great examples of mixed lollies from our large confectionery range. The customised Mixed Lollies Tube is a nice presentation if you want to package your candies in tubes. A clever way of handing out business cards using corporate lollies would be the personalised Mixed Lollies Business Card Treats.

Lastly, chat with us if you have questions. Or give us a call via 1300 008 300.