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Make your promotion extra sweet with our Personalised Rock Candy. These branded confectioneries are set to turn your events from plain to awesome! Take them to your Christmas parties, or maybe to your next anniversary. Gift them to your suppliers, staff, and clients. You can also take them to those upcoming trade shows that you’re joining. Whatever the event, the promotional Personalised Rock Candy is set to “rock”!

The Personalised Rock Candy is a well-loved confectionery known for its sweet taste and enticing colours. They are little sugary delights that are sure to please any one with a sweet tooth. Pop them in your mouth and let them melt away as you suck every sugary bit. Or if you’re a cruncher, you can enjoy them by chewing them slowly and savor every crisp and crackle until they’re gone.

You can choose the type of packaging you want for the Promotional Rock Candy. We have a wide assortment of presentation styles like pillows, bags, jars, and canisters. These packaging styles can host your design for your advertising through a full colour printed sticker. Just make sure to check on the actual product for size and specifications allotted for your custom design.

You can order the custom Rock Candy in bulk. Just have a look at the Bulk Personalised Rock Candy if you’re interested in high volume packs. Or if you want them packed inside glass jars, you should consider the branded Rock Candy Square Glass Jar. Another popular packaging option you can look into is the decorated Rock Candy White Noodle Box.

Call us if you have any questions or need some help. Our friendly customer service staff are ready to assist you. Drop us a line via 1300 008 300, or you can simply send us a message through that chat application on this site.