Looking for custom confectionery champagne bottles? If you want to package your chocolates in a way that would exude a little more elegance, then package them in our cool looking custom champagne bottles. Our promotional champagne bottles loaded with chocolates are a great way to show off your promotional giveaways to your clients when you want to have that extra wow factor.

Additionally, champagne has always been associated with all things good. They are a symbol of happiness, celebration, fun, and class.  Brand your event with such associations and you will surely leave a great impact on your next promotion. Your recipients will be impressed as soon as they receive these fancy looking gifts.

Custom Confectionery Champagne Bottles & more

Additionally, do check out the custom Choc Beans Champage Bottle , branded M&Ms Champagne Bottle, and personalised Mints Champagne Bottle to see examples of how you can present your corporate chocolates. These champagne bottles filled with lollies will certainly leave an impact on your attendees making your brand memorable even upon first sight.

Just make your design and we can have it on the decorated confectionery bottles. Feel free to be creative. It can be your company logo or a corporate design. Make them as creative as you want them to be and they’re perfect for any occasion.

What’s also great about these champagne bottles is that they are reusable. They can always be cleverly re-invented right after finishing all the chocolates so nothing goes to waste, and no one leaves any ecological footprint. Use the custom chocolate bottles to store a myriad of other knick knacks. Or maybe use them as flower pots. Or you can simply put them up on a shelf or table and they can make great home decorations.

Cap off a celebration with our customizable Champagne Bottles! These confectionery packages are also ideal for memorable gift items and promotional giveaways.

Lastly, you can reach us if you’d like to talk more about the details of your requirements. We have our friendly Customer Happiness Team who will gladly attend to you and help you out when you’re ready. You can reach us by calling 1300 008 300, or if you prefer to go for live chat, just give us a buzz on our website.