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Humbugs 20 Gram Pillow Pack



Give this little gift of humbugs to passers-by at that next trade show. The delicious custom Humbugs 20 Gram Pillow Pack look great with your logo on them.

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Sometimes the sweetest impression is the most lasting, and can sway even the most difficult to please client. An additional boon is if a treat is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the tongue. Our promotional Humbugs 20 gram Pillow Pack will certainly help you do all of this for your next marketing and advertising campaign.

The custom Humbugs 20 gram Pillow Pack features 20 grams of tasty humbug sweets with a refreshing mint flavour. Each piece of confectionery can be produced with your company’s or client’s colours, making your brand stand out even further. The custom Humbugs 20 Pillow Pack comes in a sturdy clear pillow plastic pack, making it easy to handle, ship, and store in a variety of locations. Our packaging comes in the following dimensions: 85mm(w) x 60mm(h) x 29mm(d). This packaging may also be customised with any logo or insignia of your choice, to further boost your brand’s visibility. The printable area of our Humbugs 20 Pillow Pack is 50mm(w) x 40mm(h).

Our personalised Humbugs 20 Pillow Pack is a versatile and unique set of confectionery that can be a perfect giveaway for your marketing parties, outings, and other events. We hope that you will choose the delicious promotional Humbugs 20 Pillow Pack to help your brand leave the best impression possible. And in case you’re looking for other fantastic alternatives, we recommend that you take a look at our Custom Printed Smarties like the Custom Printed Smarties 100 gram Bag.

And for those events that you think are best done outdoors, it’s also best to match them with a promotional product fit for the situation by giving them the custom embroidered Reggae Cap.

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Product sizes & details

Product size: 85mm(w) x 60mm(h) x 29mm(d)

Weight: 20 grams of Humbugs

Printable Area

50mm(w) x 40mm(h)

Packaging & Colours

Clear Pillow Pack

Humbugs are custom made with your colours

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Additional Information

More Information

  1. Prices are quoted in AUD and are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Prices shown are based on the client supplying suitable print ready artwork.