Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram pillow pack

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A nice packaging option for Easter Eggs is the promotional Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram pillow pack.

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15g solid Easter Eggs placed in Pillow Pack (x2 eggs)


Pillow pack constructed 85mmW x 60mmH X 29mm Deep


Sticker : Full Colour

Sticker Size : 50mmW x 40mmH


Min Quantity: 100

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Just because they’re Easter eggs doesn’t mean they’re only meant to be for Easter. While our promotional Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram Pillow Pack will hit any Easter event right on the spot, they’ll also prove to be fantastic for any other event that you’d like to take it to. Their delicious taste is always a huge hit among the crowd, which is what makes the branded Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram Pillow Pack such an effective marketing tool for promoting your brand.

Inside each bag are 15 grams of mini solid Easter eggs. They come in 2 pieces and can be wrapped in your choice of foil colours. While these chocolate eggs look very enticing, getting to taste them will certainly not leave you disappointed. They’re made from the best ingredients which makes every bite a sure chocolate delight.

Make sure to further personalise the Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram Pillow Pack with your custom designs so you can maximise your marketing. You can print a custom design or your company logo and we’ll attach it directly onto the pillow pack. And when you take your customised Mini Solid Easter Eggs 15 gram Pillow Pack to your events, we guarantee that you’ll be acing your marketing like a real champ.

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Chat with us or give us a call via 1300 008 300 in case you need help, and we’ll gladly get back to you.

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