Lollies and sweets are reminiscent of our carefree childhood days. Take your clients or your employees back to yesteryears with these personalised lollies and customised sweets and paint a smile on their faces. Show your clients gratitude and appreciation by giving these sweet promotional treats away. Likewise, boost the morale and increase the motivation of your employees with these sweet treats. Here at Fast Confectionery, we have a wide selection of lollies and sweets for you.

Custom Lollies and Sweets, plus so much more

Whether it’s branded boiled lollies, promotional chewy fruits, custom jelly beans, humbugs, mints, or rock candy that you are looking for, we have all these and more. These promotional lollies and sweets come in a wide variety of packaging. You have loads of choices on how you uniquely present your corporate branding or marketing message. Here’s a marketing tip.  Choose packages that can be repurposed or reused so that long after the custom lollies and sweets are gone, your branding still remains on the packaging. That’s a lot of free advertising mileage for you! Just how sweet is that?

Because of the wide variety of personalised lollies and sweets we offer, not only are these perfect as giveaways to clients and your staff, these are also perfect for tradeshows, product launches, seminars, and the like. On a more personal level, these sweet little treats are great for birthday parties and celebrations. How about having a candy buffet at your event? It’s possible, with the numerous corporate candy and sweets we offer.

Let’s get started on your order, shall we? Ordering process is made simple. Just go to our website and choose the confectionery you desire, pick a custom candy packaging type, and upload a picture of your brand or promotional message. We’ll take care of the rest. If you find yourself stuck or in need of advice, call us on 1300 008 300. Our friendly customer care staff are always on standby, ready to assist you.