Lollies and sweets are reminiscent of our carefree childhood days. Take your clients or your employees back to yesteryears with these personalised lollies and customised sweets and paint a smile on their faces. Show your clients gratitude and appreciation by giving these sweet promotional treats away. Likewise, boost the morale and increase the motivation of your employees with these sweet treats. Here at Fast Confectionery, we have a wide selection of lollies and sweets for you.

Custom Lollies and Sweets, plus so much more

Whether it’s branded boiled lollies, promotional chewy fruits, custom jelly beans, humbugs, mints, or rock candy that you are looking for, we have all these and more. These promotional lollies and sweets come in a wide variety of packaging. You have loads of choices on how you uniquely present your corporate branding or marketing message. Here’s a marketing tip.  Choose packages that can be repurposed or reused so that long after the custom lollies and sweets are gone, your branding still remains on the packaging. That’s a lot of free advertising mileage for you! Just how sweet is that?

Because of the wide variety of personalised lollies and sweets we offer, not only are these perfect as giveaways to clients and your staff, these are also perfect for tradeshows, product launches, seminars, and the like. On a more personal level, these sweet little treats are great for birthday parties and celebrations. How about having a candy buffet at your event? It’s possible, with the numerous corporate candy and sweets we offer.

Let’s get started on your order, shall we? Ordering process is made simple. Just go to our website and choose the confectionery you desire, pick a custom candy packaging type, and upload a picture of your brand or promotional message. We’ll take care of the rest. If you find yourself stuck or in need of advice, call us on 1300 008 300. Our friendly customer care staff are always on standby, ready to assist you.

  • Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups (3)

    Looking for custom Chupa Chups? Well we have them! That's right, genuine Chupa Chups with your custom branding. Branded Lollipops make a great gift or giveaway for your next event when you have a limited budget. Take it that extra mile by using such a well known household brand. With a great range of flavours you will suit everyone's taste.…
  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (23)

    These branded Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are a fun way of showcasing your brand to the market. Discover the flavour adventure of the world's most famous jelly bean. Expand the flavour horizons with the largest collection of flavours on the planet, each a delicious delight to the taste buds. People of all ages love them, so we offer them as…
  • Skittles

    Skittles (28)

    If you want your customers to feel extra special, these promotional Skittles will certainly do the trick. Firstly, these are the original Skittles made by Wrigley. They consist of a hard sugar shell and have the letter "S" printed on them and have been around since the 1970's. They burst with fruity flavours, I'm sure everyone has heard the catchphrase…
  • Biz Card Treats

    Biz Card Treats (34)

    Looking for custom Biz Card Treats? Everybody loves candy, more so getting these sugary goodness treats for free!  This automatically takes your brand to a joyful and positive light. Personalised biz card treats have a universal appeal. They will definitely be well-received by all your customers. Custom Biz Card Treats plus so much more Additionally, giving your business card alone…
  • Boiled Lollies

    Boiled Lollies (15)

    Looking for custom boiled lollies? They always brings a smile to people’s faces. Who wouldn’t want to get these, especially as a giveaway? Moreover, custom boiled lollies are very affordable. They always make great giveaway at conferences, tradeshows and product launches. We can easily put your promotional message or company logo on its packaging. Not only will you put a…
  • Chewy Fruits

    Chewy Fruits (48)

    If you want customers to recall your brand, these promotional chewy fruits will certainly do the trick. First of all, these Skittles-like candy just bursts with flavour. Second, it is packaged in various reusable containers of your choice, with your brand on the packaging. Third, it’s cost effective. And last, who would ever not want to receive these oh-so-delicious candies…
  • Eclairs

    Eclairs (5)

    Everybody loves sweets and treats, so get your brand out there at the most delicious and sweetest way possible – promotional eclairs. Here’s a little fun fact: Eclairs were originally chewy pastries with a flavoured center. It originated from France and the name “éclair” literally translates to “lightning,” portraying to the speed it is eaten. Yes, it’s that delicious so…
  • Humbugs

    Humbugs (12)

    Looking for custom humbugs? It’s time to kick your marketing strategy into high gear and by giving away promotional humbugs to your customers, event attendees, or basically anyone you want to reach out to. Humbugs are one of the most popular boiled lollies out there. It originated in England in the early 1800s and until now, they still remain the…
  • Jelly Babies

    Jelly Babies (7)

    Looking for custom Jelly Babies? Try giving anyone free candy and notice their reactions. Promotional jelly babies have a universal appeal and are always received with a smile. This make a great and affordable give away at trade shows, conferences, product launches, seminars, and all other events. Not only will you win their attention, you will capture their smiles and…
  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans (85)

    Need custom jelly beans? Who doesn’t love the sweet, glossy outer shell and gooey insides? It’s a world-famous lolly and that’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone who receives free customised sweets. It’s a perfect giveaway for fairs, trade shows, conferences, and all other events. With your brand on the packaging, this marketing item will surely be well-received and…
  • Lollipops

    Lollipops (10)

    Looking for custom lollipops? We don’t think so! That’s why promotional lollipops make a great gift or giveaway for your next event. It can make a sweet splash in any event as these are a great way to get your brand out there in a fun and exciting way. These are perfect for tradeshows, product launches, conferences, weddings, parties, or…
  • Lolly Rolls

    Lolly Rolls (3)

    Candy is everybody’s favourite food group. Well, it’s not exactly a food group but it’s so popular that lollies have already been elevated to that level. Promotional branded lolly rolls are no exception to the magic sugary treats give to kids and adults. These custom branded lolly rolls are a perfect giveaway for trade shows, seminars, fairs, product launches, parties,…
  • Milk Bottles

    Milk Bottles (1)

    Looking for custom lolly milk bottles? Baby bottles are not just used to carry milk, they can hold fun confectionery too! Branded milk bottles as lollies make a great giveaway for baby showers. Just imagine the look on your friends’ and families’ faces. Give them a cute giveaway with a custom message on the side of the bottle. Additionally, not…
  • Mints

    Mints (82)

    Looking for custom mints as lolly gifts? Promotional mints are a huge favourite worldwide.  Notably because of their taste and usefulness. Aside from their refreshing taste, they provide fresh breath anytime. They're something that everyone should have in their pockets or purses. So it makes real sense to give away promotional mints to your clients and staff. You also know…
  • Mixed Lollies

    Mixed Lollies (18)

    Looking for custom mixed lollies? These candy confectioneries can be customised to accommodate any design of your choice like your company logo or corporate emblems. What’s more is that they’re deliciously tasty and will surely be a hit. We have a wide range of confectionery packaging options for our mixed lollies. You can choose from pillow packs, canisters, and even…
  • Personalised Rock Candy

    Personalised Rock Candy (15)

    Looking for personalised rock candy? First of all, make your promotion extra sweet with our Personalised Rock Candy. These branded confectioneries are set to turn your events from plain to awesome! Take them to your Christmas parties, or maybe to your next anniversary. Gift them to your suppliers, staff, and clients. You can also take them to those upcoming trade…
  • Rainbow Lollies

    Rainbow Lollies (2)

    Brighten up any corporate event with the promotional Rainbow Lollies. These promotional gift products are sure to cheer any special gatherings like parties and conferences. They can also be used to promote your brand during trade shows. The Rainbow lollies are a great way to get your brand across a saturated market through their remarkably delicious taste and custimisability to…
  • Snakes

    Snakes (3)

    Looking for custom jelly snakes? We all remember those gummy candies when we we’re young. We used to open a pack of them and share with friends where we’ve built fond memories. Now, you can take that nostalgia and turn it to your marketing ally with our promotional Jelly Snakes - the jelly variety. These confectionery Jelly Snakes will delight…